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Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Also accredited to the Republic of Maldives

Australian Federal Police (AFP)

The Australian Federal Police

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is Australia's national police agency, responsible for enforcement of Australian federal criminal law and protecting Australian national interests from crime in Australia and overseas. The AFP is Australia's international law enforcement and policing representative, and the Australian Government's chief source of advice on policing issues.

The Australian Federal Police section of the Australian High Commission Colombo works closely with the Sri Lanka Police Service and the Maldives Police Service, and other Sri Lankan and Maldives law enforcement agencies, engaging in bilateral law enforcement cooperation.

The global criminal environment today is complex, borderless and fluid. With criminal groups active at local, national and international levels, investigations are increasingly likely to have an international context. The AFP cooperates with other Australian Government departments domestically and abroad to ensure a whole-of-government approach to fighting crime at its source.

The three key elements to the AFP's role internationally are:

Collaboration – brokering collaboration with international law enforcement agencies to drive investigations and support bilateral or multi-lateral cooperation
Information gathering – collection and exchange of criminal intelligence in support of international law enforcement efforts
Capacity building – enhancing the capacity and the capability of international law enforcement agencies to combat transnational crime.

For further information on the role of the AFP internationally, please visit the AFP website via the following link